Friday, September 14, 2007

Finally, the last person standing has started a blog. At least I don't have a camera strapped to my head and live in a house filled with crazy people. Oh wait, I do live with crazy people but it's okay because they're my family. Thought I'd write randomly to talk about my life at the pool -- Laney College in Oakland, California to be specific. While I do that I can't avoid talking about my family, friends, and swimming in general.

Today is a typical day for me: swimming stuff waiting by the door, but I have dawdled too long at the computer so will have to bail on exercise this morning. I'll try to catch it later after my 11:00-1:00 class. That's the problem with the self-coached swimmer, if you don't have a scheduled time where people are waiting for you, it's hard to make yourself get up and go.

Big swim this weekend, the world-famous Tiburon Mile. One word for it: "cold." No wait, "hard." Or maybe "frightening." Funny how those aren't mentioned in the flyer.

So here's what I see when I'm writing, my faithful companion Flutter. She hangs out on my lap until something irritates her and then sits on any papers I might be using or need to use. I know I'm sounding already like Crazy Cat Woman, but this is really a good cat. I also see a wildly cluttered room (sign of genius), the street I live on (because the computer is in the corner of an upstairs room), and all the neighbors' comings and goings.
Life here in the 'burbs appears mainly to consist of people walking their dogs and the guy from the bike shop down the street riding back and forth on test drives while looking down and not forward. Oh, there is the old lady down the street neighbor who takes seven minutes to back out of her driveway.

Enough for today. Go out and exercise in my name.

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