Monday, October 8, 2007

Another Day, Another Nickel and Two Hours Too Little Sleep

So here's my typical day: wake up at 4:48 a.m. (I used to wake up at 4:45, but found I had too much free time on my hand -- old joke to those who know me) and get ready for coaching morning workout at Laney College in Oakland. After workout ends at 7:00 I come home, pass my husband on the walkway leading to the still-running car and go in to the Crazy House. Inside my 11-year-old daughter is still in the bathroom, and my husband has gotten the daily mess off to a fine start.

After making her breakfast and lunch, and prodding her to eat, brush her hair, find her shoes, get her things ready for school and telling her what the day holds for us, she leaves with her friend Hannah at 8:05. While it's unfortunately still too early to crack open a cold one at that point, I settle for coffee and do my Sidoku.

Anyone still reading at this point? Me too!!! Sometimes I bore myself. Anyway, I got set with the day's computer tasks, which included passing this video around to my friends:
Now this is too funny. Okay, so it made me learn where the Dardanelles are, but I still think this guy's a friend of Borat and the whole thing is just ridiculous: people swimming while all four of their limbs are strapped. Why not have them run a marathon with duck-taped legs, or play Mozart with their hands tied behind their backs? Can you imagine this happening in America, land of the lawsuit?

ttfn -- off to practice driving my car through the flaming obstacle course while blindfolded.